BLOG: Amplify Your Organization's Message

July 31, 2019

How to Identify & Engage Your Influencers 


Amplify your organization’s message. 


Influencers are message catalysts. They are people, sometimes celebrities or powerful figures in your sector, sometimes just ordinary citizens, who are passionate about what you do and have a lot of friends on social networks, with the power to amplify your message and marketing campaigns.  


Influencers have an audience of their own. Some charge for access, such as teen YouTube or Snapchat celebrities, but most are willing to work with groups they support who reflect their own values and passions. 


Influencers are game changers. Why? Because in general, people don’t trust marketing messages nearly as much as they trust friends, colleagues and family. When it comes to advocating your message, there is no one, not on your team or in any agency, who can deliver and promote your message as effectively as your supporters. Word-of-mouth marketing is the original social media platform. It hasn’t stopped working! 


Influencers extend your reach. Their reach and the trust of their audience has for what they say and who or what they endorse or promote is what makes them game changers. The goal of marketing through influencers is to expand your network reach by tapping into other people’s networks.  


Influencers can amplify. Influencers can endorse. But they cannot add value to your marketing campaigns without a clear direction and some way of measuring their impact. Working with influencers means thinking about this strategy in the same way you think about other elements of the marketing mix.  


Influencers can be defined as VIP’s, Professional’s, and Everyday’s. The largest of these are the Everyday’s. Though these influencers have fewer connections than celebrities and professionals, they are still a powerful force. Everyday influencers include volunteers, fans, casual bloggers, and activists. The professional influencers carry a level of influence comparable to their position. These people are partners, doctors, executives, professional bloggers, and media. The VIP influencers are the celebrities. These people will always have influence.  


Now that you know who influencers are, where do you find them? Right in front of you. Influencers aren’t difficult to spot, you have dozens or even hundreds in your email lists already.  Look for indicators like number of connections, prior interactions, topics, bios and klout score.  


You’ve identified influencers, whether they are VIPs, high-value professionals or everyday influencers, you have to create a program to engage them. Start with answering the questions: What do you want to accomplish? What can be measured?  

Once you set your goals for the influencers, create a plan for each category. Read this full report for simple steps to build a program for your VIPs, Professional’s, and Everyday’s 

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