BLOG: Cultivation is Key

July 31, 2019

Cultivation is key to growth in your organization. 


Are you cultivating your current and prospective supporters? 


As a faith organization, your goal is to connect with people to grow your mission. However, you can’t grow without continuing relationships with the supporters you have. The key to this is CULTIVATION. Cultivation defines all interactions aimed at growing those connections. The goal of cultivation is to build strong relationships with current and prospective supporters. You want to make your supporter feel like they are a vital part of your team and your mission, because they are.  


So how do you do this?  


Nothing will make your supporters and prospects feel closer to your mission than personal contact. It is as simple as picking up the phone and making one call at a time. They want to feel involved relationally and hear about the tangible difference their support is making. Your call doesn’t need to be long or complicated. It just needs to be personal contact between you and your supporter to update or thank them for their involvement. In addition to phone calls, meet with your supporters in person. Invite them to meetings and allow drop-ins to allow them to have a larger part in your mission. Once again, these do not have to be long meetings, just some time for them to get a clearer vision of your organizations mission.  


Allow your supporters to be invested in your success. When you reach out to them, ask for their advice. Many of your supporters may have an area of expertise that is different than what people are experts at within your organization, utilize their knowledge. This will not only help your organization in your mission, but it will cultivate your supporter’s relationship with you. Also, be available for your supporters to reach out with questions or advice at any time and be prompt in response.  


Another way your organization can cultivate is through a regular newsletter. Communicating is 75% of the cultivation process. E-newsletters are the easiest way to do that on a regular basis. They may not hold as much influence as in-person or phone communication, but they are still impactful. Collect as many email addresses as you can for your supporters, members, volunteers and send them monthly updates. These can include specific stories of what your organization has been able to accomplish through the support of the people. This is a simple, yet huge way you can cultivate relationships with your supporters.  


In addition to a newsletter, make sure you are utilizing social media to cultivate relationships with supporters and prospective supporters. You can personally connect and stay in touch with people using social media. Take time to send friend requests, follow pages, and invite supporters regularly. Even reach out to them directly in order to let them know you are grateful for the support. Share coverage regularly to show that what your organization is doing matters. Visuals are important to many people, so be sure to include actual photos and videos of the difference you are making.  


These are just a few ways your organization can cultivate, download the full report for 10 applicable tips! Start cultivating now! 

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BLOG: Cultivation Means Communication

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