BLOG: Is Email Dead?

July 31, 2019

The answer is absolutely not 


Email is one of the greatest assets to your organization. 


The digital world around us is ever changing and growing. Many people think that because of the new opportunities to connect in the digital world, email is no longer useful. This is not true! Email is not dead. It is very alive, and one of the best ways for you to connect with your people whether you are a nonprofit, church, or any other faith organization.  


Email is still a very valuable asset that your organization should be taking advantage of, but most likely not in the same way you always have. In the past, organizations have developed email campaigns that go out to every supporter, prospect or member of your organization. This is helpful in some cases, but with the growth of technology, data use specifically, you know more about your audience than ever before. You know more about them so you can develop more specific campaigns that appeal to specific segments of your email lists. This will produce a much higher ROI than just spamming everyone in your database with a weekly email.  


The average person receives 121 emails daily. That is a lot of information to take in, and they are not even going to bother to open your email unless it seems interesting or important to them. The subject line is one of the most critical parts to a successful email. This is the first thing that your reader sees, and it the midst of every other email they are receiving daily, this must catch their eye. Get creative and intentional with the subject lines in your emails in order to find success. Don’t let your emails go straight to the trash folder.  


People appreciate intentionality. They want to be personally recognized and known. Therefore, email personalization is a huge step up in email marketing. When sending personalized mass emails, you have to find a balance, so it doesn’t backfire with a large number of email responses. When people respond to your emails, they expect a response back and if you are being flooded with too many responses it will be impossible to respond to every single one.  


Develop content for your emails that people want to read. If all you are sending out is the same updates every week or month, people will not read it. Make sure to include genuine, real content in your emails to relate to the reader and incorporate intriguing visual content that will spark interest.  


Email is relevant, and can be used more efficiently today with new technology. Read this tipsheet now for 6 hacks to create engaging emails. 

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