BLOG: The Key to Growth in Your Nonprofit

July 31, 2019

Why should you re-engage donors? 


The key to growth of your nonprofit. 


Lapsed donors may seem like a lost cause. These people who have not made a gift to your nonprofit in a significant amount of time, so why would they give again? Why should you want them to? 


Well, we think there are several reasons lapsed donors are important to pay attention to. Here are three of the main reasons we want to highlight: 


#1 They have given before 

These people have given to your cause in the past, so you know they have been on board with the mission of your organization at one point. This most likely means they still care about the difference you are trying to make. They may have forgotten or maybe they are not in the financial place to give, but that doesn’t mean they never will again. You already know they are interested in your cause, so reach out and try to see why they haven’t given recently. People want to be noticed and appreciated so if they know they are missed, they will be more likely to give again. Lapsed donors are much easier to convert than prospective donors, don’t overlook this group. 


#2 It’s cheaper 

A huge part of running a nonprofit is having the revenue to support your cause. One way your nonprofit can save money is by reaching out to lapsed donors rather than new donors. You already have contact information and records of what gifts they have made in the past. This means you can save money that would be spent on purchasing lists or sending mass mailings in hopes that what you are offering will resonate with someone. You know that they care about your mission, and have their information, so what is keeping you from reaching out? 


#3 You want to grow your supporters 

Your nonprofit stands for a mission that you are passionate about. You want to make a bigger impact for this mission, but you need more supporters and in turn more revenue to make that happen. If you are losing donors, even while gaining a few here and there, you are not growing your supporter base. In order to grow, you need to constantly engage your current supporters while also engaging prospective supporters. Re-engagement for lapsed donors is also critical for the growth of your nonprofit.  


You know that re-engagement is important to your nonprofit, but how do you re-engage? We answered this question with our tipsheet! Ramp up Re-engagement, download now! 

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