BLOG: Three Strategies to Reach More People this Easter

March 28, 2019 Joel Guthrie

Easter is the highlight of your year. It’s our super bowl!  Planning, prepping, and logistics start months in advance.  How many services? Parking flows? Do you have enough volunteers? It’s easy to get wrapped up in the logistics but you also need to make sure you have a strategy to engage all of those new visitors once Easter Sunday is over.

Easter is a great time to engage new visitors to your church or the “CEOs” (Christmas + Easter Only). It’s a wonderful time to share the why behind all that we do.  Here are three strategies guaranteed to help you grow your church this Easter.



Easter is a great service to invite and engage your local community.  This is an amazing opportunity, especially for new churches or church plants.  How are you advertising and promoting what your church is doing this Easter?  Do you have a strategy to utilize Facebook, Instagram, or email?  Your outreach strategy is important in getting those who have been on the fence about visiting your church in the door.  Advertise it as “learn what we’re all about” or really encourage your congregation to invite their neighbors.   Whether you’re a small or large church, there are great ways to promote your Easter service for any budget.

Bonus Points: Spending $100-$1,000 on Facebook or Instagram ads goes a long way. You can strategically advertise to people in your city, zip code, and demographic. Video performs best! Take out your iPhone and record a video of your Pastor personally inviting them.



Easter Sunday can be overwhelming for your first-time visitors. The church is more crowded than usual and there are often more services packed together.  Making sure you take extra steps to set the expectation for your visitors. Little things go a long way to make your first-time visitors feel comfortable:

  1. Put signs EVERYWHERE.  With the increased number of people, it can be difficult to know where to park, where they should drop kids off, or where they can ask questions. Also, double your welcome team (bonus points if you get them matching shirts or lanyards).
  2. At the beginning of the service have someone talk through the flow of the service. Many of us do very unique services for Easter so even your members will appreciate this.
  3. Give them an incentive to fill out the connect/info card.  If it’s their first time, many are just testing the waters. From a gift card to a travel coffee mug to a free dinner on the church.  This contact info is the only way you’re going to be able to reach out to these individuals after the service and you may not see them again until Christmas. 

Bonus Points: Be sure to mention it during the service! (Talk track: “Thank you so much for deciding to celebrate with us this Easter. If it’s your first time with us be sure to fill out the connect card and check that first time visitor box.  We would love to send you a gift as a thank you for joining us today.”)


Follow up:

Don’t be afraid be personal and don’t be afraid to go old school.  Some of the best performing follow up I’ve seen in churches is hand addressed and hand written letters.  These first-time visitors worked up the courage to come to your Easter service and were willing to give you their info.  Taking a little extra time to truly say thank you goes a long way.


Utilizing these three strategies this Easter will not only grow your church but also help the visitors feel valued and appreciated.

About the Author

Joel Guthrie

Joel Guthrie is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Blackbaud and the host of The Church Engagement Podcast. He grew up in the church and his family helped start a church in Colorado Springs. Since then, he has been on staff as a worship leader and youth leader at a church in Bellevue, WA. He has been working in marketing in the tech space for his entire career, servicing large tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. He is passionate about helping the church apply modern technology to grow and engage their communities!

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