BLOG: Use Social Media to Engage With Donors

July 30, 2019

Are you using social media to engage with your donors?


Here are 5 reasons you should be if you’re not:


It’s impossible to deny the presence of social media in today’s world. Everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms. Social media is a way to engage with your donors right at your fingertips.  


Having a strong social media presence as a nonprofit is crucial to success. You rely on your supporters to keep your organization running, and your supporters are on social media every day. This is a way to engage and connect with them without having to break the bank. 


Here are 5 reasons why your nonprofit should be using social media if you aren't already: 

  1. 1. Connection. You have the ability to connect with your supporters and keep them up to date and involved in the progress of your mission. Communicating with your donors is the best way to steward them and keep their support after their first gift. Connecting via social media is a personal yet simple way to steward them well.  
  3. 2. Improvement. You can improve your organization through communication with supporters on social media. When you connect with your supporters, it gives them the opportunity to provide insight into how they feel about any event you put on or way you do certain things. This can give you the opportunity to listen to any ideas they have and implement them for improvement in your nonprofit. You wouldn’t be able to function without your donors, so it is important to hear their opinions. 
  5. 3. Drive traffic. Social media is the perfect way to get people to your website. Your website offers everything they need to know about your organization, and opportunities to get involved and make a gift. Most social media platforms have an option for you to put the url for your website or share links to your website through posts. This may take time, but any increase in the number of people visiting your website is a good sign. 
  7. 4. More Exposure. Being present on social media and providing content for your supporters to share is exponentially beneficial to the growth of your nonprofit. The cool thing about social media is that everyone is connected to someone, and that person is connected to more people. The reach you have through sharing is endless and an incredible way to grow your following and get more people to know who your organization is and what you stand for.  
  9. 5. Marketing tools. Social media provides a platform for a full-on marketing campaign for your nonprofit. The campaign should include frequent and dynamic posts that all point back to one main cause. This is a great tool for your marketing team to get your name out there and recognizable in your community. A great step toward growth.  

Now you know that your nonprofit should be using social media, download this tipsheet to see how to specifically engage using social media platforms! 

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