BLOG: Use Tech to Grow Your Nonprofit

August 1, 2019

Technology can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. 


Make it easier for your nonprofit to use technology to reach more people for your mission.  


Today there are endless options when it comes to the variety of technology, software, and platforms. Deciding what your organization should use can be confusing. Some nonprofits spend months or even years searching for a solution to implement only to realize later that it doesn’t solve the problems you need it to. The right technology can help you promote your organization, communicate with your supporters and community, and get your message heard.  


The ability to effectively use technology with your supporters has drastically changed how you communicate with your communities. But many nonprofits are only using technology or social media because they feel pressure to keep up with the times. Because of this, they’re not using it correctly or to the full potential.  


There are many types of technology that are available for your organization. Digital fundraising, cloud platforms, social media, public relations, visual storytelling, and email marketing are all ways that can help make it easier for you to focus on your mission and still see major growth in your organization. With each of these types of technology, it is important to choose the one that best fits your organization. 


So how do you choose which type best fits you? 


You have to analyze who your key audience is. When you know who you should be targeting with technology, then it will narrow down what technology is best for you to utilize. Different groups of people tend to use different types of technology more than others. Start with the information you have from your supporters and use that to determine where they are in the digital world, and where you should be in order to best connect.  


If you're going to take the time to implement a new technology, then take the time to do it right. We put together some key steps you can take to ensure that you’re using the right technology for your organization without wasting any resources. 


Download the full ebook now for insight on how to use technology effectively.

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