BLOG: Why Should Your Organization Put On an Event?

July 30, 2019

Why should your organization put on an event? 


Events are a key way to grow your following. 


Your main goal as an organization is to make a difference for your mission. In order to do this, you have to gain supporters. A great way to engage and grow your followers is through events. Events can invite in donors of every generation and create a space to grow and connect them for your mission.  


Planning and hosting a successful event is such a powerful way to engage your supporters. How will hosting an event help your organization? 


Build recognition. By putting on an event, you will build recognition for what your organization is and what you stand for. Even as a nonprofit, you still have a brand and events are a great way for you to promote that. You need to get people to know who you are, and an event like a dinner, run/walk, gala, concert, competition, auction and more will generate recognition.  


Make face to face connections. Events give you the opportunity to make connections in person. Face-to-face connections hold so much weight in this dominantly digital world. In-person interactions establish much deeper relationships. This leads to the next main reason for putting on an event. 


Build trust. By providing a physical space for people to come and support your mission first hand your organization establishes trust. Your supporters get to see that your organization is the real-deal. People who are passionate about their mission inspire people to join in on that, and an event is the perfect opportunity to show potential supporters you’re the passion for your cause. They will trust you once they see the genuine purpose you stand for.  


Strengthen community. In addition, events will help you strengthen community.  People who attend your event will get to communicate and build relationships with other supporters. People don’t want to be alone in life, or in supporting a mission, so the development of relationships between your supporters is key to growth.  


Fundraise. This is the obvious one, events will help you make money for your mission. When people are asked to give, especially in person, the chances of them giving is much higher. In order to make a larger impact, you have to have sufficient funds.  

Now you see the benefits of having an event, how do you ensure your event is successful? We put together a tipsheet for you to ensure success through the execution of your event.  


Learn how to achieve the best: 

  • Pre-event 

  • Planning 

  • Day-of-event execution 

  • Post-event follow- up 

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