BLOG: Your Website Matters

July 31, 2019

What story does your website tell?


Here are 3 reasons your website matters. 


Today the focus has turned to social media platforms and new digital opportunities in marketing. These are very valuable assets to your organization, but ultimately, they drive traffic to your website. Your website is still the face of your organization, what does it tell your supporters?  


Why does your website matter?  


  1. First impressions. If you want a strong website, you need to ask yourself what your organization stands for. Once you can confidently answer this, your website should portray this purpose clearly. When someone visits your website for the first time, they should immediately know your mission and what you stand for without question. Instead of going out and physically visiting your organization to find out what you do, people will first visit your website. Give them a glimpse of the heart of your organization that will make a lasting first impression. 


  1. Credibility. If your website offers credible, accurate information then this can establish trust in potential supporters. This includes the small things like address, email, phone number, all the way up to the big things like purpose and stories on your website. These need to be accurate and spelled correctly. Small typos or mistakes make your organization look sloppy to the reader, and this will cause distrust. A study showed that out of 5,000 website visits over a two-week period showed that the bounce rate—the percentage of visitors who leave a website after only looking at a single page—on landing pages with sloppy spelling and grammar was 85 percent more than those that were correctly written and spell-checked. People are proven to leave your website if there are misspells, and with that also take their potential support for your organization with them. 


  1. Growth. Your website is at the fingertips of every potential supporter. The opportunities for growth through your website are endless. You just have to make sure you are aware of the story your website is telling. Your organization can see growth and make a larger impact if you take advantage of the opportunities your website gives you.  


Your website can make or break your organization. Download today to get 6 tips to a click worthy web experience! 

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