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TIP SHEET: Building a Year-End Giving Message that Resonates with Your Supporters

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800.443.9441 | | September 2018 2 About Blackbaud Leading uniquely at the intersection point of technology and social good, Blackbaud connects and empowers organizations to increase their impact through cloud software, services, expertise, and data intelligence. We serve the entire social good community, which includes nonprofits, foundations, companies, education institutions, healthcare organizations, and the individual change agents who support them. 3 Supporters have money left in their philanthropic budget. Another important reason why most supporters give at the end of the year is because they have money left over in their charitable giving budget. This is certainly true for businesses—many of which have "use it or lose it" budgetary rules—but it is also true for individuals and families who reset their budgets on January first. Similarly, some donors will have money left over at the end of the year. They've paid their self- employment taxes, bought their holiday presents, spent 5% less than planned on the home renovation they did over the summer, and Junior didn't spend as much at college this fall as they thought he would. So, they have some money left over—and charities often get a piece of that cash. How to Construct Your Year-End Giving Message As you design your year-end giving campaigns, what should you be saying to your supporters? I have found that the best year-end asks include three main components: First: Looking Back The first part of your year-end message should look back on the year. Talk to your community about all the great things that your organization accomplished this year and the people you helped. Better yet, frame it in terms of all the people that the members of your community have helped because of their support for your mission. You can do this by telling stories, giving statistics, and showing outcomes. Second: Looking Forward After you look back at the previous year, look ahead for the year to come. Tell your audience about all the amazing things that your organization has planned for the following year. Cast a big vision for your work, programs, and team for the next 12 months, and invite your community to get involved in helping you make that vision a reality. Third: Making an Ask Finally, make an ask. You told your supporters about what they accomplished this past year by helping your mission. You told them about your vision for the coming year—a vision that is bigger than ever before. Now, invite your community to make an investment (or to continue its investment) in your organization, so that together you can make the coming year the biggest and best year in the history of your mission. Once you have a message that resonates with your donors, it's time to prepare for your organization's year-end giving. See how Blackbaud solutions can help. Learn more

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